Thermal Imaging Inspection

Thermal Imaging Home Energy Audit


Thermal Imaging Inspection is the only true way to inspect what cannot be seen, although sometimes felt or sensed. We have all experienced the cool spot in the room, the room that is always cool in winter, or dampness where the wall meets the ceiling or the strange paint mottling around a light fixture. Our feet remember cold floors or the creeping draft calling for socks.

Ever wonder what is lurking behind the walls and ceiling? What about the radiant heating in the ceiling or floor?

Wondering about mould behind the bathroom tiles?

How about electrical hot spots in the wiring, a fire waiting to happen or the electric motor about to fail to shut down central air or heating. Remember to check out the well water pump or sump pump for pending failure.

No water for household use? Forget the shower or the bath, let alone the dishes, what about the canoe floating in the basement—not a good thing—nor a happy moment.


Worried About An Energy Cash Pit?

A frigid Arctic Vortex can double or triple your energy costs along with price increases. Unusually hot and humid summers work the air conditioning over time driving electrical energy costs to record highs. Keep in mind the upcoming price hikes.

Read more about why a THERMAL IMAGING INSPECTION SOLUTIONS for your new home or business is an important and necessary option.

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