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What You Don’t Know May Hurt You

How do you know what you are looking at is okay?

Let’s examine a case study. A true story.

We know the idiom “What you don’t know won’t hurt you”. It’s a proverb of a common culture; If you do not know about a problem or a misdeed, you will not be able to make yourself unhappy by worrying about it. (Often used to justify not telling someone about a problem or misdeed.)

Let’s talk about Louise and Tony, a young professional couple excited about their new home under construction. Many an hour has been spent pouring over floor plans, modifications, windows, builder upgrade options, colours, flooring, tiles, bathroom fixtures. How exciting.

After moving in there were a few drywall fasteners rearing their unsightly heads creating blemishes on walls and ceilings. A few unfinished areas still needing attention and the rest of the new home creating occupant blindness, not seeing or understanding what a trained professional home inspector eyes see, both naturally from experience and electronic thermal imaging known as Thermography, a scientific diagnostic technique.

Not seeing the value in a TARION Home Warranty Thermal Inspection, or an inspection by an experienced leader in the Home Inspection Industry, time passed, everything “looked okay”, warranty claim deadlines expired.

Interior decorators finished the motif throughout the house, along with professional painters. The interior takes one’s breath away, absolutely stunning. Now for the new ceiling fixtures and chandelier in the dining room.

Winters are starting to come and go, and there are cool rooms, the house is big and the automatic thermostat keeps the temperature lower when not in use.

The snow is melting and spring is on its way, colourful blossoms will soon flower on the fruit trees surrounding the family home.

Louise, laughing with her friends during a frequent Saturday night get-together, glances up at the chandelier’s brilliance sparkle reflected on the large bevelled edge glass tabletop, loaded with festive goodies by a thoughtful hostess. Eying the fine quality she notices black blotches bleeding through the paint, creeping outward beyond the decorative chandelier base, “I wonder what that is” she thinks to herself. A shift of attention and back to the levity of the party.

Calling in a handyman contractor, the chandelier now removed, reveals dreaded mould, lots of it. Where did it come from? Louise’s anxiety increases with uncertainty. What now?

Crawling up in the attic, balancing precariously to avoid crushing or disturbing insulation and putting a foot through the ceiling, given the complexity of the house design’ the living-room location is discovered after much painstaking crawling and searching, the mystery solved…no insulation. Pictures are taken of the construction deficiency, mould, all over the place…lots of it.

High-quality designer paint and a large circular ceiling decoration centring the chandelier concealed the growing menace and other oversights.

Health risks, what species of mould is it? What about toxicity? How do you get rid of it? What will the neighbours think? Will the house earn the nickname “the mould house” among real estate people? Will it reduce my resale value? Who is responsible, the subcontractors or the builder? Is there a TARION Warranty claim? Has it run out? What will it cost to repair? Does insurance cover it? Will the walls and ceiling need to be torn apart? Has the mould spread throughout the house? Is it in the heating ducts and central furnace? What about the air returns? Will it make my family sick? The nightmare is looming and out of control.

Hindsight Is Always 20–20

Now, let’s view this from two different perspectives.

  1. After shopping around for the cheapest home inspector to conduct a TARION Home Warranty Inspection, a quick report is in hand, all is good, correct? “What you don’t know won’t hurt you.”
  2. RELIANCE HOME INSPECTION SERVICES, a certified professional is retained for the TARION Home Warranty Thermal Inspection. The process is explained and you understand what to expect, the process of thermography analysis commences. Within minutes the ceiling in the dining room is identified, all is not well, there is a temperature variance anomaly around the chandelier needing further investigation to determine what it is. There is cold air penetration, from the garage into the mud room, the large front picture thermal pane window insulating glazing is failing. Outside around the fire-place insert, there is insulation missing, and one of the closed roof valleys appears to be allowing water to seep beneath the roofing material. The heat pump is showing excessive temperature variance in the proximity of the motor bearing, perhaps pending failure, needs to be checked while under the manufacturer’s warranty. One of the circuit breakers in the garage is reading hot and needs to be checked out.

Wow! What a thorough thermal imaging home inspection reveals. It’s amazing what one finds. Beyond The Obvious™.

Professional Thermal Inspections Produce Professional Results

The value in the service speaks for itself. The false economy turns into a nightmare when it could have been avoided and resolved in an efficient timely manner to everyone’s satisfaction. In the true case study, timelines expired, expenses spiralled.


Louise and Tony’s life has been topsy-turvy, hours on the phone, meetings with the builder, contacting sub-contractors, seeking legal advice, lawyers fees, lost wages. It goes on and on with the Mold Inspectors looking like something out of a science fiction movie. Does Tony wonder if this bottomless cash pit drama ever stops?

The story does have a happy ending. After months of negotiations, the builder in good faith came through at the last moment, tearing out parts of the ceiling and walls replacing insulation, vapour barrier, and drywall. What a job! The tearing apart, cutting, sawing along with numerous drywall mud sanding produced layers of white flour dust throughout the house; that’s another story.

Wondering about the paint? The touch-up paint was a mismatch and the entire room needed to be repainted. Louise and Tony bore the expense. Such a tragic story could have been prevented by an initial new home warranty thermal inspection. A false economy bit back, hard.

TARION NEW HOME WARRANTY THERMAL INSPECTION by RELIANCE HOME INSPECTION SERVICES, REMEDIAL THERMAL IMAGING INSPECTION™ inspects repairs, alterations and contractor renovations for unseen omissions, deficiencies or damage. After every repair, have it inspected by RELIANCE HOME INSPECTION SERVICES THERMAL IMAGING INSPECTION.

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