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Permanent Wood Foundation

RELIANCE INSPECTION Treated Wood Foundation Services

Permanent Wood Foundations are cost-effective compared to traditional poured concrete types or concrete blocks. As with all foundations, there are strengths and weaknesses in all below-grade options. One can purchase a home designed with such a foundation with confidence.

RELIANCE Home Inspection will inspect the foundation for any potential problems that could decrease the life cycle of the foundation or create potential future complications.

  • Dampness. If dampness is present, its source should be identified. Dampness may be due to a rising water table, an inadequate drainage system, or inadequate damp-proofing. Water from an interior source, such as an air conditioner or a high-efficiency furnace, however, does not indicate a compromised Permanent Wood Foundation.
  • Exterior wood decay. Inspectors can check for exterior wood decay by probing the wall from the outside with a rod. It is usually adequate to probe once every 8 feet. If decayed wood is detected by probing, it is likely that decay exists elsewhere in the wall.
  • Interior wood decay. If the interior wall is not covered by drywall, it may be possible to inspect for wood decay below grade from the inside of the house.
  • Foundation leakage. Evidence of foundation leakage may be discovered at butt joints where sealant may not have been used.
  • Buckling. Buckling can occur due to constant pressure over the course of years, or by the back-filling process.
  • Lack of a moisture barrier. Outside, a moisture barrier should be present and it should rise above grade.
  • Bowing of the foundation walls, especially the wall next to the basement stairs.

RELIANCE Permanent Wood Foundation Inspection is a benefit to any home seller or purchaser. Call us today.

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