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Foundation Moisture Issues

RELIANCE Inspection understands the stress and panic of discovering moisture in the basement from a sudden below-grade mini tsunami to surprise damp areas discovered underfoot wearing socks on the new plush carpet while entertaining guests in a beautiful, recently renovated, recreation room.

Water is powerful with significant penetration power following the path of the least resistance, often entering the lower level of buildings through a subterranean fracture or an easily rectified superficial seep source. Many times foundation drainage, surface water flow or runoff, eavestrough, downspout and water tables can introduce seasonal or persistent water appearance.

The source may lay elsewhere in corroded seeping pipes, incorrect or failing plumbing or municipal concerns.

That new deck or recent upgrade may be the culprit. Perhaps the neighbour’s renovation or landscape changes introduce new water flow and ground saturation conditions.

RELIANCE Moisture Issue Inspection

Before disassembling the decorative wooden fence, heavy backhoe tires crushing, marring your manicured lawn and uprooting, altering the beautiful, expensive landscaping and a mound of drainage gravel conspicuously tempting neighbourhood children to come and play in front of your house, give RELIANCE Home Inspection Services a call.

Excessive humidity introduced by a ‘damp environment’ has a cascade effect throughout the building introducing other problem areas such as corrosion, rot, unpleasant lingering odours potentially permeating surfaces, mould to other health threats that can adversely affect occupants.

The kids splashing around wearing colourful rubber boots while sailing their boats in the basement may not be a foregone conclusion as other factors, many of lesser significance can be repaired inexpensively and discretely while helping prevent the dreaded “hose with the leaking basement” label adversely affecting property value and resale prospects.

RELIANCE INSPECTION understands your concerns and we are here to answer questions and provide solutions.

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