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Home Maintenance Inspection
Unseen Forces Working Against You

Contrary to the ownership myth, very few things are maintenance-free in your home. Weather in the form of driving rain, ice freezing and thawing tugging on all exterior surfaces, water seepage to interior areas freezing distorting or rupturing unseen areas.  The fingers of high winds pulling, tugging while blistering sunlight UV hastens deterioration, the soil shifting, settling foundation, water tables and the ravages of time will harm all aspects of structural integrity.  Everywhere within nature there are forces at work that will ultimately cost you major repairs and expenses.

Reliance Maintenance Inspection can save you thousands of unnecessary repairs. Proper and ongoing maintenance of the house’s structural and mechanical systems is essential to retaining and increasing the value of a home.

Ideally, a thorough Reliance Maintenance inspection of a home and property needs to take place every three to five years, to yield significant returns protecting your investment.  Our Reliance Maintenance inspection can identify and monitor certain conditions and components that may lead to health issues and or safety hazards for family members. Early detection of risks and potential problems are prerequisites before they become serious and costly nightmares.  Preventative action helps the homeowner retain or increase their property value.

Preventative maintenance can help to avoid repairs, extend the life expectancy of many components of the house and in some cases, reduce energy consumption and cost.

Call Reliance Home Inspection Services today. Remember that a good home inspection report can become the blueprint for your home maintenance plan. We can help you to prioritize home improvements and offer advice on the best ways to approach repairs.

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