Cottage Recreation Property Inspection

Bliss of recreational living
The Bliss of Recreational Living

Cottage & Recreation Property Inspection
Best of Both Worlds

Cottages and Recreational Properties are the New Executive Offices

Since the 80’s the employment force has changed dramatically, even more so recently with connectivity and the Corporate World. With the continuous accelerated development of technology and high-speed broadband to support it,  recreational properties are occupied for more than the traditional summer vacation or the weekend retreat.

The summer cottage is now an office on the lake, the deck a conference room and the dock, the room with a view of its own. The key to the executive washroom is no longer the badge of honour. The call of the Loon is always a welcomed echo of the wild.

With the renewed interest, especially when visits to Head Office become less frequent, urban hassles and traffic become less desirable, the focus is turned to renovations and winterization of the summer home. Inspections are more important in all respects to protect your well-being and property investment.

Bliss can quickly turn into a world of grief through good but misinformed intentions.

Aside from the business world many ‘boomers’ are retiring to or spending more time where the long hot summers of youth still beckon.

Reliance Home Inspection Services specializes in ‘cottage country’ and the nuances of the cottage and recreational living. Before you plunge headfirst, test the waters so to speak and understand what lies beneath the surface.

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