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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Inspection?

Your call to Reliance Home Inspection Services can save you time, money and aggravation. An inspection report is in your best interests to preserve and increasing your property value.

A home inspection is an evaluation of the systems and components inside and outside a home from foundation to rooftop. Home inspectors conduct an in-depth visual inspection of all accessible areas of the home and report on functionality, wear and tear, safety and maintenance. Remember not everything is what it seems. A trained professional has years of experience and understanding seeing what others do not. Beyond the Obvious™

What are the benefits of a home inspection?

The traditional benefit of a home inspection for a buyer or seller is the opportunity to know the exact condition of the home exterior, interior and many less obvious such as shut off valves, pump switches, heating and cooling, filters, and breaker panels are all information that will be found in a comprehensive home inspection.

With home renovations increasing in popularity, Reliance Home Inspection Services is called to perform a Reliance Pre-Reno Inspection™ to help save hundreds if not thousands from disastrous and misinformed undertakings.

Reliance Home Inspection Services can help home buyers avoid DIY project risks and Property Flip makeovers for a quick profit. Having a neutral third party helps protect your interests not only monetarily but emotionally as well. It More Than Money™

What do I need to know when choosing a home inspector?

  • They are certified to perform quality home inspections
  • They have experience in performing home inspections
  • They are licensed
  • They have professional training and participate in ongoing training
  • They provide thorough and detailed reporting on site at time of inspection
  • They are welcoming, professional and courteous

How do I schedule my home inspection?

You may schedule your inspection by using our Online Request Form, call 1-800-433-4031, or by scanning this code with your mobile which will automatically call for you.

When should I call a Reliance Home Inspection?

Once you have determined that you would like to renovate, during renovations, after renovation, purchase or sell a home. An informed decision is the best decision.

What is included in the home inspection?

A complete home inspection includes a visual inspection of the home from foundation to roof. It also includes a thorough inspection of all major functional components and operating systems of the home.

How long does a typical home inspection take?

Depending on the size of the house it may take between 2 to 3 hours. Once the home inspection is completed, you will be provided with a detailed report and the inspector will answer any of your questions.

How much does a home inspection cost?

The cost of a home inspection is based on the size and age of the home. When you call to request an inspection, you can also ask for a quote based on the information about your home.

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